Electric Cars

The rear turn signals, depending on what lights up, may be confusing like the MINI is. I don’t understand how the designers don’t see this.

How about this nonsense. It’s like driving a manual. You actually have to put some thought into the act of driving making you more aware of your surroundings, increasing safety.

Or, there is no such thing as bad press. :slight_smile:

Front end is terrible! What the heck are those four racetracks all about? And the beady little eyes.

Fisker stock was in a free fall today, trading had to be halted. :scream:

Fisker is at .021 USD. If you were waiting to get in at the ground floor, I think it’s there!

There’s a Fisker Karma around here I see relatively often. Aside from the fish face it looks pretty good. These new suvs though…? :-1:t2:

A big one today: Kia EV3. It’s targeting $35k USD and built as an EV only. I like the Bronco meets Korean tailored suit look.

Cupra Born VZ. I’ve been reading that it’s a fun driving EV. Heavy, but not too bad. Rear drive only fun.

Editorial: I keep seeing Euro EVs that I would like to test drive and maybe even own, but we get giant bland SUV crossovers. I thought once we got rid of engines, all cars would be available everywhere. No EU carbon tax to pay, no weirdo EPA CAFE standards to meet. BRING THIS STUFF HERE ALREADY.

Especially painful that VW has a wagon ID.7 that is EU only. My Jetta Wagon is getting nearly too rusty for me and the choices are slim (and I think used only now…). Ridiculous.

It’s more than just engines. As I understand it there are a number of regulations in place to shore up (pun intended) American manufacturing that disincentivizes importing fully assembled vehicles from Europe or Asia. That means for non-US brands to bring those models stateside, they need to assemble them here. To assemble them here they need to re-outfit their US factories, and to re-outfit their factories they need to sell enough of those specific models to make it worth the re-outfitting investment.

Sadly most brands firmly believe that all Americans want are bland, every-brand-looks-the-same SUVs and trucks and have entered a cycle of

  1. Offering fewer of their unique models
  2. Consequently selling fewer of said unique models
  3. Then using that as justification to quit offering them all together

That’s not to say there’s not a lot of truth to their conclusions about American buying habits, but it’s also a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy, too.

Chicken Tax of 25%!

I’ve avoided posting retromods, but this one is just too good. Apparently, real gauges and controls will set you back $150k. No wonder everyone is putting them on touch screens.

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