Electric Cars

Not a great name… a bit goofy looking… but sure is fast!

For an eighth of a mile it averaged 309.02kph or 192.02 mph, and for a quarter of a mile 318.85kph or 198.12mph.

The hypercar can accelerate from 0-60mph in 1.72 seconds, has a top speed of 260mph and a range of about 250 miles, and takes 40 minutes to charge.

The better views:

[Doc Brown Voice]
1.72 seconds!

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Definitely going to need lightening to hit the clocktower to power up this one @NURB :rofl:


I assume that big part line on the sloped tail denotes some kind of pop up wing or airbrake maybe? The side view is nice and simple other than that black trim in front of the door… the front seems a bit awkward the way the graphical elements resolve across the forms. Perhaps they needed the extreme width for stability.

So cute!

Is Fiat finally, finally embracing the idea that their cars are not in fact drool-worthy luxury vehicles fit for celebrities but rather goofy little machines that get you from A to B with a smile on your face and some $$$ left in your wallet?

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It’s a reworked Citroen Ami. I love it too. Shame I have to take a plane to see one.

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@Mr-914 yep, but in my opinion a bit more visually successful than the Ami! Totally different vibe though obviously. Small, cheap, fun cars… we never get them! Maybe South America will get it.

On another note, these electric conversions of classics are expensive, but it seems like more and more companies are popping up to offer them. They are all very small scale of course, but there are some standardized kits popping up, mostly for old Minis and VW Bugs. I wonder if it will ever hit scale?

@Mr-914 the Ami happened to be in the news today:

Good to see Volvo going after lower price points, and I do like a lot of the small details they’re working into their language like the segmented headlights…but man is this a boring, frumpy car. I feels like someone at Volvo said, “Remember how we took the amazing 40.1 concept but made it slightly worse before releasing it as the XC40? Well, do that again, but more worse.”

Take away the headlights and it could be any small SUV from any brand. Color me disappointed.


It’s not crazy super exciting, but very well resolved and proportioned. Better than most of the small SUVs out there and I’m sure the fit and finish and details are excellent. The XC40 is still I think a really nice execution and I do a double take every time I see it. It’s tiny, but tight.

This is much nicer than the Polestar 2 which is a direct size platform partner/comparison I think and lots less stubby and weird shaped.

Design-wise only thing I’m not digging is the hood cut line following the wheel arch. I get it, but makes the front wheel too pronounced and conflicts with the very horizontal recessed shapes on the side. Maybe if the rear wheel well matched or the cut line continued along the side as a high detail line?

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I like RK’s first rendering more. Seems like too much going on in a small space. Be more Volvo-Scandi-confident and let the bare surfaces articulate. The chamfered rectangular waist (? what do you call it) bugs me, its just protruded-cut in there, and formally speaking it interrupts the front wheel arch.

All fair points. I think I was just hoping for something a little more off-beat, more C30, given the fun marketing lead up to this release.

I hate the Tesla interior of the Volvo. Come on Volvo…safety first!

Also, interesting seeing how low the floor is getting. Let’s call this what it is now, a tall wagon.

The exterior is OK, but like others have said, a little generic. Those early 00 cars were so distinctive at the big sedans from 5 years ago had such great presence. Makes this kinda sad…