Electric Cars

Geez, it’s not that bad here. :wink:

I do agree with Richard, buying something new may make you “greener”, but your old stuff isn’t going away, net green is worse. If you want to be green, buy less stuff. Unless, of course, that stuff is a new tree in your yard. If that is the case, please disregard my rant. :slight_smile:

It’s more likely the old Golf car goes to someone else who is replacing an even older car. So net is more green.

Or not.

:man_shrugging:t2: it’s the electric vehicle discussion… so I’m discussing electric vehicles.

What to do with the currently used ICE car(s)?

Well. I felt to have that problem, too. It was easily solved, as I did not have the heart to sell on the BMW convertible to the next youthfull owner, who’d probably drive the snot out of it, before finally mangling it. Best solution for everybody seemed to keep it as a rarely used 4 wheeled sculpture. That seemed to be easy.

But day by day it is not. It is a contradiction in itself as I still love driving it. But it just is not the same, that it was before I went electric. With the advent of war over resources in Europe the gas burning convertible went into total hibbernation for 3 months. But I needed my small “warehouse” back, where it sat. So for some weeks now I have the chance of proudly glancing over its flanks every time I go walking the dogs. Lol.

Which means, it gets sparingly driven some km now and then, only using dutch (non russian) fuel.

At the moment I feel conflicted. Concerning the use of energy, everyday. Concerning the way I conduct business. Conerning the way we live as a family. As a designer I feel well equipped to spot problems, conflicts as well as potentials and solutions way ahead.

Sadly society and business do catch up only very slowly and we are running out of time.
There are big changes ahead and runing a Model 3 for year might only have provided a glimpse of what could happen, if I was able and ready to change more things more radically.

Which might in the end lead to me living in a hut only walking or cycling, greak philosopher style.

Well put, Mo-i. This is exactly the nuance I am interested in, along the same lines as the economics based rationale approach Ray posted.

EV’s also have so much virtue signaling around them. Is looking “green” as important as being green? Does making one environmental (an EV) choice offset other less environmental choices (having multiple cars, driving around for fun, etc.?).

It’s a false dichotomy that the (EV) choice is new and efficient vs. getting rid of the old and efficient. There are so many more factors such as mileage, use, lifestyle.

I want to make some more sustainable choices in consideration of my daughter’s future. At the same time, I want to ensure I enrich our/her life today. Those two things are often at conflict.

The “obvious/easy” solution is not always the right one.


That render is looking great. Always loved the classic chargers. And I’d love to have a “fratzonic” fartcan.

But being escorted by banshees on the fenders everywhere you go might be someone elses cup of… well… don’t know what the devil might have…

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Why is that? When it is time to replace a car, we plan on making it an EV. We certainly won’t do that before our usual timing (at 120k-150k miles, we typically don’t want to manage the increased maintenance, our time is preferred doing other things).

So are you saying we are douchebags for choosing an EV over an ICE for the next car?

Polestar 6 coming 2026. Yes please.

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LOL. Mini sure knows how to make something bad even worse.

Ariel Hipercar

3200 lbs, or about the same as my Mazda. Sounds like it will be fun to drive and it is bonkers to look at. Glad to see someone try to make something unique…


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Another thought on the Ioniq5 after my trip to Arizona. In Montreal, I’ve been disappointed by the Ioniq5. It looks too big and all the little creases and lines look messy. I didn’t see many in Arizona, but each time, I thought, “Is this the same car?!?!?”. It looked compact and all the lines somehow were cohesive. I’m assuming this is because Montreal is a vertical city with a lot of trees compared to the horizontal landscape and bright sun of Phoenix. It makes a drastic difference in terms of reflections. I always knew it made a difference, but the Ioniq5 was a great reminder of just how big the difference can be!

not sure why they chose this color and branding combo for the press car, but:

1,200 HP
0-60 2.7 seconds (really anything under 4 just seems unimaginable)

Crazy this is the same length as the Kia EV6:

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I’ve been on the Canoo bandwagon since first sight. I have an i3 - same designer - and a small cargo van - same utility. Great to see them get some big orders, hope that speeds up consumer availability. Thanks for posting the video reviews.

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There are so many great car review channels on YouTube now! My two favorites are probably Fully Charged and The Late Break Show.