Electric Car Charging Post

Hey guys and gals,

Currently working on a project involving electric cars and the places they are charged. Tasked with the job of coming up with something completely new - i guess I’m just looking for some ideas, inspiration, input etc…

Im working on the idea that i need to integrate this into/attach it to something that already has a power source, as I understand that connecting a new site/streetside device to the national grid would cost around £10,000.

Would be appreciative of some directions, links, ideas…

This would include free charging and parking so can be put anywhere in a city

oh, and it takes approx 8 hrs to charge the car fully.


you got to give to get…

sorry, im new here… ill be getting involved! obviously need to start somewhere!

A few months down the line… This on-street electric car recharging point is leeching off the power supply within a street lighting column - also reducing street furniture.

The services associated with it include online booking systems, itemised billing etc. No screen (lower cost) but it bluetooths the user information to a mobile phone or PDA. Accessed by unique RFID for each user, it unlocks the collar in the middle, which can be revolved to reveal a plug socket for your car.

fancy boards etc are on the way - REAL busy this week finishing up for a coursework submission!

comments please

I always thought the key for electric charging stations is in parking spaces when your at work, shopping… As long as your car is just sitting it mine as well be charging. And imagine all those giant parking lots covered by a carport with solar panels, thats a TON of area that is also just baking in the sun.

As inductance charging gets better, perhaps there will be a day your car can lower down an inductor plate to the ground to pick up charge - you don’t even have to mess with a cord or plug this way, but it’s a failure point that can prevent the car from being usable, should the plate get stuck down

I think an automated charging system where the car can plug itself in, so to speak, would be better than having people attach things. For a while there were public EV-1 charging stations, as I recall. Were these vandalized much?

Inductance charging is extremely efficient if the coils are designed an positioned correctly. I believe the car companies have units that look a bit like the retractable dog walking leash.

Solar is not cost competitive with utility power.

The one suggestion I have: I assume these charging stations will be out in the weather and not indoors. So way of handling rain, snow, and ice will probably be important.