electric and hybrid cars...the sounds of power.

Long Beach? I was at what was one of the last F1 races there, when I was somewhere between 7-9. Would have been somewhere around 82 or 83. Had the exact same experience. The only thing that came close was standing on the track at Indy when they fired the engines after the “Lady and Gentlemen start your engines” command. Those original IRL engines were ridiculously loud, and having 35 in one spot, along with a few hundred thousand people was indescribable. That was a terrible month, apart from that moment (and the B2 flyover and hug from Linda Vaughn that both came right before it). Speaking of the B2 and noise, it is eerily silent until it passes you. So cool.

traffic noise is a pig

Minneapolis recently got some hybrid buses. They are substantially quieter than the standard diesel model. Even though the gas savings small, 3-4 mpg, the reduction in noise is wonderful.

Not F1 but Indycar in Vancouver. Also drag bike in from 2 feet. Yes, there is crazy explosive rumble from the IC engine, but to clarify, I was referring to the wonderful turbine like whine from greater distances… say about 400m (1/4 mile).

Not only will less noise be better for the ears, but some of the wildlife may begin to return to urban areas (never mind the associated problems for a moment). While the pollution eventually reduces the wildlife, it is the noise that first drives them out.


Yeah… I “hear” you.

When I was really young, we attended the Abbotsford Airshow just outside Vancouver a number of times and the only memories that stand out were the British Vulcan nuclear bomber and the Concorde. The weren’t allowed to create sonic booms because it was too close to populated areas but at just under supersonic they are still fly by before the engine noise hits you.

That’s what so scary about all this flying weapons technology, whether it is delivered by plane or missile. Death always comes unheard.


Detroit. I went to all the F1 races in detroit.

worst car sound experience i have is being on the track at the same time as a spec 7 (rx-7 spec class). the noise restricitions in the scca weren’t are stringent as they are now. i would see one coming and would wave them by and wait for the painful noise. most ran straight pipe that exited out the passenger side. even with a helmet, nomex and earplugs, it was painful.

What noise are kids going to make when they’re playing with their toy cars?

“whiiiish” ?

“-----------” ?

“zzzzzzzzzzz” ?

“hummmmmm” ?


it will surely be a strange day when the “vrooooom, vroooooom” is absent from a child and their table top toy vehicle.

The first day that happens, we will know the electric cars are on their way to taking over.

yeah they seem pretty cool, one of the routes that rolls out through st louis park where we live has the green (in color) hybrid bus. I guess I haven’t noticed a sound difference. Do they have solar panels on top of them? If it were up to me I would put solar panels on almost everything, tops of buildings, the southfacing side of the sound barrier walls next to the freeway, bridges, really anything that was state owned and had a south facing side.

check this out as well


they will cut the roof off your prius and replace it with a custom molded solar panel that fits the original shape of the roof.

they dont cut off your roof, its a stick on…jeze do your research.

When we drive vehicles on different road surfaces…I mean different materials like asphalt, concrete & cobblestone, the movement of tire on these roads creates sound.
How about modifying tire, thread pattern & their materials :laughing: :laughing: …… & create a unique sound for electric or hybrid vehicles…

ya who needs traction anyway.

Studded snow tires make a lot of sound and have good traction in snow and ice.

tires with large-block treads make a LOT of noise. Advan A032r with their “aqua tusk” are very loud and stick like glue.

falken rt-615 are pretty loud.


falken rt-615

wheres the guy telling us about how sound is wasted energy and the only thing we should be thinking about when we design a car is the performance because the other elements of experience like the sound are irrelevant. what happened to him?

and cut wonderful groves too…naw studded snows suck except in the very far north.

well he is right, but hell lets not get into “waste” again as that would open the whole footprint can of worms…again.

Do you mean me, as in: “No extraneous noise please.”

My point is exactly that… no extraneous noise. If the sound of a tire is a direct result of it’s function then you cannot do anything about it. After all, the process of converting rubber into friction creates heat and sound. Adding sound effects generated purely to simulate something familiar is much the same as removing the baffles from your Harley exhaust pipes. Serves no purpose except to announce your arrival and create permanent hearing loss.

While I’ll grant that just about all auto and bike mfgs “tune” their exhaust systems, they are only playing with something that is essentially mandated by law. If they had their way, we would have no muffler at all… and while I would bemoan that development, it would not be extraneous noise.

Since an electric vehicle only creates a small amount of noise, adding more is spending energy to waste energy. As an example, I certainly can’t imagine the need to add gas engine sounds to our electric lawn mowers.


Zippy: I heard a set of studded tires every 2-3 minutes sitting on my balcony. I guess I’m in the far north.

May be we van opt fro the straight teeth gearbox.

So you can have the same gearbox whine as in a WRC car


great minds etc

you’re so vain, you probably think this post is about you…

yeah, I don’t feel like gas engine noises would be anymore appropriate coming from an electric car than steam engine noises in a diesel-electric locomotive. It is, however, not enough to just design a car, you have to design an experience, and the experience may well involve aural stimulation.