Elastic electrical wire

Hi all,

I just got the weirdest question from my boss; he wants me to search for elastic electrical wiring. I don’t think it exist, and I don’t want to waste time searching for something that doesn’t exist. I’d like somebody to confirm though, so I’m 100% sure…


for ac line voltage or moderate dc power to control electronics, no. Only copper or similar has ability to carry the power and current safely, and also be certified.

For low level dc carbon and/or silver impregnated silicone will work. It is not too common, but some ecg 9 lead harnesses are conductive silicone, used for remote or long term heart monitoring. Don’t remember the name but an Israeli company specialized in design / manufacturing these.

The research is there, but I couldn’t find a commercial resource.



Using an ac to dc convertor is not an option. Nice to see something is happening though.
Thanks a lot!

Would a phone cord style do the trick? Curled up like a pigtail to give the elasticity?

The only things I can think of are a coiled cord, like a telphone handset cord, or a reeled cord return. Neither are truly elastic, but both have the effect of being able to be lengthened and shortened according to the need.

It should fit within a ø5mm metal tube that is part of the circuit.
But no worries, using custom made connectors will solve the problem.
Explaining why and how would take me too long though. :wink:

first thing i thought of was something like a guitar string. i dont play guitar or work on electronics so have no idea of the electric/elastic properties but something like that might work. might need to a custom thing…