elastic (bungee) cord manufacturer


Does anyone have any recommendations regarding an elastic (bungee cord) manufacturer? If possible, I would prefer an off-the-shelf part or assembly.

The product will weigh less than a few pounds. Let me know if you have recommendations as this product is in the prototype stage.

Can’t recommend one in your part of the world. If you want a special spec you will need to find a place that has the machinery to set it up e.g. some places are limited in the diameter of the inner elastic strands or can’t/won’t do multi-coloured sheaths.

Ever heard of the Thomas Register? An invaluable tool for designers and engineers.

Type “bungee cord” in the search window and you’ll get: http://www.thomasnet.com/nsearch.html?cov=NA&which=prod&what=bungee+cord&navsec=search&heading=19792308

Elasta is a Belgian company that specializes in elastic cords, they made me a pretty good offer the other day, so maybe it’s worth the shipping costs?

I have a question too; I am looking for two ø8mm cords with a similar-looking black braid (=easy to clean stains and dirt, little friction against steel and legs) and respectively an elastic (40m) and non-elastic core (155m).
I did contact most rope yards in Belgium and neighbouring countries, 4 companies are sending samples, but I have a bad foreboding…

Does anybody know a “super” cord store that ships worldwide?

For internationally available, non-elastic “cord” and rope see - New England Ropes

Their website is not exactly “user friendly” for locating the appropriate product, so the telephone might be a better access tool. Find your closest physical dealer (and their respective website) with the “dealer locator”.

Rope, Inc is another, primarily marine oriented, source who reps New England Rope, among others.