elaborate packaging

Hey guys,

what is the best and worst packet you’ve ever received for a portfolio.

I want to put together a nice packet to send in and I’m wondering where clever ends and gaudy begins?

Also, what do you think of a picture of yourself in your portfolio?
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I tend to live by KISS (Keep it simple stupid). Its worked so far… I guess employer’s like to see creativity, but not to the cheesy point. I recommend just keeping it clean and simple

I certainly enjoy more than white paper in a manilla envelope. But if that was used by the best qualifed person, I’d still hire that person.

Most important is what do you expect me to do with it when I am done? Throw it away as I would do with anything big and bulky, or save it for future reference in a file.

I have seen resumes silk-screened onto a steel sheet, resumes on aluminum printing plates, very well-made packaging from a variety of hand-made paper stocks, hand-made aluminum & neoprene portfolio covers, covers made from wood veneer and a variety of other materials (plastics, rubbers, metals, etc).

If you go creative, I am going to judge you not only on the creativity, I will also judge you on craft. If what you make is shoddy, I will dismiss your application. It is a higher risk move. But if I like it and your qualifications are good, I’ll have you in for a talk. Well-executed creativity can open a door, but your qualifications close it, in or out.

er, ah, email?

In addition to email, would you penalize an applicant for submitting a well-designed hard version?

I’d take the time to look at the elaborately packaged resume. But, as previously mentioned, it’d better be gold for that to sway my vote.

I wouldn’t penalize them (unless it was somehow a hassle), and unless it was really amazing, I wouldn’t give them extra consideration either. Do always send an electronic copy. I haven’t hired a person yet where I didn’t have to at least share their work with someone higher up in a different location.