Ejector Pin Marks, How to Avoid?

I am designing a panel that needs to be cosmetically perfect on both sides. In the mold drawing the engineer sent me, I see 8 circles that they say are the positions of the ejector pins. These pins are on the cosmetic surface. My question is will this end up as raised circles in my final part? I don’t want ejector pin marks visible on the final part. How is that usually achieved? Any tips?

Use an ejector sleeve around the perimeter of the part. If it’s low volume production the press operator may be able to blow the part off. If high volume then use a pop-it valve. The pop-it valve will leave a slight circular impression.

A good tool shop should be able to keep ejector pins flush, but you’ll always see a circle.

Unless I saw the part I couldn’t give you any guaranteed solutions because each part is unique in its ejector needs. If there are any ribs or bosses then it’s a new game.

Good luck.

Depending on the part, you look into designing in a negative draft feature to help the part fall out.

Although I have seen this work, can’t say that its not a TON of work and communication to get right.