eindhoven Vs SF Vs Chicago

hey can anybody lemme know what is so very special about eindhoven, besides the institutes. I mea to say, “studying design at eindhoven!!!” would that mean a lot of design exposure.just like fashion guys go to milan? i am seriously planning on taking up further studies.I want an academic experience that is rich in design exposure . San Fransisco Vs Chicago Vs Eindhoven. Whatsay???

Ok, first of all: Eindhoven is one of the most borring places in the Netherlands. (and believen me, I can know, just graduated at the Design Academy!)
BUT… That might also be the positive aspect of it. Since there isn’t much to do we focus a lot on our study!

Gotta compare apples with apples here.

Eindhoven is a small suburb city, about 200,000 people, and is about what you would expect in a city that size. Amsterdam is about 90 minutes away by train.
If you aren’t from Holland (or Europe), don’t worry about being bored. It won’t happen. The amount of design and art exposure is almost beyond belief.

Only matched in the US by SF, NY, or Chicago. (all city states in their own right).

thanx for the info, but i guess there is something very very special abt netherlands. I am an indian designer, and really like places that offer a ‘saturated’ environs like eindhoven is said to offer. Could you tell me what all institutes are there in eindhoven.

It depends of what you wanna study, which direction you want to go. First of all Holland is an awesome country for a designer because really everything is designed, you’ll notice it if you land on Schiphol Amsterdam (one of the worlds best signed airport). Dutch design I would describe as clear, clever, no nonsense.

Design Academy Eindhoven is especially well known of their good “3d” department but if you want to study graphic design, I definitely wouldn’t recommend it.
Maybe you can a bit more clear in what you want, so we can help you better.

I just came back from Chicago and WOWwowo that was for me such an eye opener! It has in particular to do with the way of working. I have the idea that the Dutch (including me) are always in a hush, working, working, no time and very critical on their own work. The group of designers I met in Chicago are way more confident of their own skills and are showing more initiative. So with doing a little less, achieve a lot more!!