>Eindhoven or Umea< really need some advice!!!

Hi everyone~
I’m in a mid crisis trying to figure out which master program I should go to.
Recently I have been accepted to two different programs from two different schools. The first school is Design Academy Eindhoven IM masters and the other one is Umea Institute of Design Interaction Design Masters. I love both schools and both programs. I tried to decide this for over a month right now, but can’t figure out which school I should go to. I know both schools have cons & pros, but I really have to choose one by the end of this week. Reputation wise which school will you guys choose. I guess it’s some what essential at this point since I’m planning to go for PhD afterwards. Please guys I really need some advice.

I can help you with the DAE end of things.

Can you go into more detail about your design interests (industrial, interaction, design expereinces, etc.) and what you would like to get out it? The more detail the better.

I wouldn’t have much of a problem choosing if I were you, because these two programs are entirely different from each other. Either you like to be very conceptual, or you want to be technical.

It’s like Cranbrook vs Art Center.

Did you analyse the program? Did you read the program outline? Did you read the webpage that describes the classes that you will be taking at Umea? If not, you should do that first.

BTW, I thought they sent out their acceptance letter long ago, like in April.

Well I decided to go for Umea~

Thanx for all the help~

sigh… umea wouldnt accept me :frowning:

Umea design institute, Sweden is the worst choice!!!
You will know when you are there!!!