EGG watch

I’ve had sketches for this kicking around for awhile so I thought I’d spend a few hours building it out … A little Easter egg you might say :slight_smile:

Clean! I dig the orange pop to tie-in the strap clasp with the seconds hand.

Thanks Ray, it was a fun little exercise.

a couple additional renders I did last year at some point…

love the amiable language :slight_smile: beautiful renders! loving how clean and easy to understand this watch is. I’m especially appreciating the little pops of orange detailing!

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Thank you.

The world needs more lugless watches. Nice work.

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Thanks @engelhjs

As a case study in things working out… this concept was floating out there around the web and a VP of design from a watch brand saw it and reached out to me. After talking about their brand and their vision for the future of it I ended up designing a line of watches for their brand that will hopefully be out soon.

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