egg or hen

hi all

i was thinking is it Design education that makes good designers or Is it people with lots of calibre and inventiveness, makes good design(er)s.

What I mean by my above statements is that in the past and even now we have many cases where people with out any formal design education did contributed a lot to the design world. (for example :: mart stam, le Corbusier, wilfrid buquet, olaf backstrom, tom dixon and on ). pls correct me if I am wrong.

Design self thought or design learned which one is the good.



Better to start with a creative person and tech them the technical knowledge – semantics, psychology, economics, sketching and visual communication, manufacturing techniques, etc. – than to try and force someone to “Design”.

A lot of the people in my class who are doing well (myself included, if I dare say so) have been “designing” – drawing, building, making things – for all their life. To oversimplify it, they have the spark, and just need to be taught the specifics of the profession.