Effective drawing office


Do you mean like a drafting department?


Well, since I don’t know exactly what your current situation is; the best advice I can give is to make sure you have as much open communication as you can. And be clear and accurate as possible with your drawings.

Beyond that, there are probably not any “tips” per se that I can give you because there are so many variables. One industry might do things one way, one might do things another.


That can be a challenge, too. Again, without knowing what you currently have (or make) try to make it clear and simple leaving room for future expansion. Also, be as descriptive as you can because you can add lots of meta-data to SW files that is searchable. For example, your part numbers would be XX00000 and your configurations could be a -A1 or -11, etc. Then in the description box you could describe the part, so if someone doesn’t know a part number, they can search by description and find it in the future.