Education Quandry

I’m having a bit of a hard time deciding what, exactly, my options are after graduation. Right now I’m a design student at the Corcoran College of Art + Design in Washington, DC studying graphic design, but also completing the digital media design programme at the same time. My problem is that I really want to get into industrial design as well; I’m one of those ridiculous “I want to be an everything designer” types, and I’m unsure if I should seek a MFA in industrial design or return to an undergraduate programme for another BFA when I’m done at CCA+D. It’s been suggested that I can, and should, seek an MFA in industrial design after graduation by some of my professors. Anyone have/know of/been in a similar situation? Any advice?

consider getting a job somewhere you can work closely with ID, preferably a product category your interested in now, and preferably in a state with a variety of programs to apply to. As you establish in-state residency (cutting your tuition in half) you’ll pick up tons from pro’s.

your applications will be much more acceptable as a result. bfa vs mfa is another debate…

i 2nd amras in terms of working for a couple of years for a consultancy that perhaps has a graphic and industrial client base. frog comes to mind… so does pentagram… those are the big ones… plenty of small ones that do that too.

as for bfa vs mfa, i’m a strong believer that one should always move forward… and graphic design is different from ID not tremendously. in those couple years of work i’d also learn some of the 3D software, audit a couple of classes in “ID” drawing…

my 2c