editors/writers at design/architecture firms?

I am a journalist looking to get out of magazines and into a more diverse-yet-creative work environment… I do a lot of design writing, and I just read about a job at a large architecture firm as a “Proposal coordinator/editor,” writing and editing project profiles et al. Are there other jobs like this at design/architecture firms, or is this pretty unique?? I never realized I could potentially be employed by one – if anyone has advice on how to find more, or another company that has a position like this, or a headhunting firm I should seek out, any advice would be welcomed!
Thanks so much!

Disclaimer: I don’t know anything about this first-hand. I’m just offering some suggestions. Take them for what they’re worth.

My guess would be that only really large firms would need a fulltime person like this. But, if you can offer related skills (e.g. research, PR, web site maintenance), maybe you can squeeze yourself into a smaller firm by being a value-added support employee. Or, you could try pitching yourself as a freelancer or consultant.

I would start by trying to someone like this at a large firm, explaining your situation and interests, and requesting an informational interview. that is, make it clear that you won’t harass this person for a job, but that you’re interested in how to break into the field, how to look for jobs, and in general networking with a like-minded person. Hopefully you can find someone in your area and meet face-to-face. Otherwise, you can do this on the phone or via email.

Also, look into the AIA, IDSA, and SEGD. They’re professional organizations that offer job listings and other resources. You may be able to find someone in an outreach or educational position who can assist you in some way.

My last idea is to scout out professional organizations for writers and journalists. I don’t know of any, but they must exist.

Good luck! This sounds very unique and exciting.

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