Editorial Cartoon

I haven’t seen an editorial cartoon quite this clever in some time…

John Sherffius © 9/15/2011

That’s good.

Here is a good one.

re: certain cancer risks, the cellphone jammed against her ear is subtle.

I like the factory in the back w/ it’s smoke stacks.

Isn’t that an ad for the movie contagion??

Isn’t that an ad for the movie contagion??

In the genre of “editorial cartoons”, I believe the literary term is, satire.

This is the contagion ad:

It seems Mr. Sherffius is 1 year, 3 months and 6 days off.

How so? What paper have you been reading? The EU is still on the brink of collapse.

Isn’t it obvious? 12.21.12 is the end of days. Lots n’ lots of doomers sez so.

BTW, its about about time the euro has started to tank. Bike parts from Europe haven’t been cheap since spring 2009. And daddy needs (or at least is jonesing for) an upgrade.

Ah, yes. End of days.

And yes, Euro bike parts are waaaaay too expensive.