editing a curve with c2 continuity in wildfire2

This has been bugging me for a while now.

Typically when I need to create a curve that is curvature continuous (g2 or c2 continuous) with an existing surface but want it to also be editable/tweakable, I create the curve in ISDX. ISDX curves retain some editability even after a curvature constraint is applied at an endpoint.

Regular Pro/E datum curves don’t seem to do this, though. I can create a datum curve whose endpoints lie on two surfaces (or two edges or two other curves or whatever) and edit the curve by pulling cv’s or moving sliders, but once the curvature constraint is applied, I lose the ability to tweak the curve any further.

How do the experienced pro/e users get around this? Are my only two options to work with whatever curve pro/e gives me or use ISDX? Is there a way to create a curve with curvature continuity at one or both ends while retaining the curve’s editability?

Master Model technique is how i get around this kind of stuff. sounds like your building in pieces. i dont even like Alias’ tools for maintaining continuity (when i used it - couple years ago). try MM.

Thanks for the response, but either I don’t understand or we’re having a communication issue, as I don’t see how a master model could solve this problem. In fact it is in my master model that I am trying to create this curve. Let me try to describe my situation in a different way.

If I have a draft surface coming off a part line and another surface floating in space and want to create a transition surface between them, how would I create an editable curve with c2 continuity that blends the surfaces together (and that I could then use to create the transition surface)?

Right click on the handle at the end of the curve (while in ISDX) then select the preferred continuity from the drop down list.

Also remember to create the surface connection between the two surfs and click on the arrow until it doubles up. A single arrow is only G1.

It will only let you create G2 continuity if the curves are good enough.
The surface is only as good as its underlying curves.

If your curve is on one plane, you can try approximating it. I think this might work.

In sketcher mode:
• Draw the curve the way you want it using normal curve tools (stright lines, arcs, filets, etc.)
• Under the “sketch” menu, turn off the intent manager
• In the menu manager, select: sketch/adv geom/spline/approx chain
• then select all the curves that you want to combine into this new approximated chain
• In the menu manager, click regen, and done

The menu you see when you turn off the intent manager used to be the only interface in sketcher mode. I think they created the intent manager around version 18???