Sorry to spoil the fun, but all job postings should be on coroflot. Its things like coroflot that keep these forums running. If you do post a position on coroflot, you are then more than welcome to further discuss it here and provide additional info.


Your friendly neighborhood moderator, (R)


Wow…a sad day indeed when people aren’t drooling over this opportunity.

…unless, of course they are and just aren’t posting comments.

Tom, please tell me your inbox is full!


I jumped all over it, although my skills are not amazing its always worth a shot… said there is a visa issue with people outside germany

Oh, I suppose that would definitely filter out a lot of good candidates. Ah well.

Yah I would of been all over that, but outside of EU, forget about it.

Kershaw = There is NO issue with people living outside of germany the issue is people living outside of the EU that is what I wrote to you I believe.

Hey TH, ha ha inbox is not as full as it should be, always amazed how little interest is shown for an internship I know we would have bitten someones nuts off for…Hows things man ?

So to reiterate for Mr Kershaw and all others the position is open to anyone living WITHIN the EU.

Hi Tom,

The add is pretty interesting,I´d say.
Puma is well known as one of the top brands in the world.

Im spanish and I don´t have any problem to apply for.
But Im not sure about it.

I moved back to Spain from London just few months ago,and Im fine working for a design studio,the problem I guess is the durability of the intern contracts,are they for 6months?

check my work,

I’m working in a new folio.