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would you say a good sample portfolio to send a consultantcy is a lot different from one to send when applying to a co. with a more focused product line, for example fabric iphone cases. i seem to be making the mistake of submitting too much of a range of projects thinking it is a plus to show the different projects i’ve done to these co.'s that have more focused product lines. maybe a creative director would understand the value, but not marketing person.

if i am going for the job at the fabric products maker, then the majority of my stuff should relate to that, right? even if i can only show 3 relevant projects vs. 3 relevant projects + 10 showing range in other areas. i should make it so the visuals skew in number like 3 to 1, or 3 to 3 max. (relevant to “range” projects).

you should definately tailor you’re portfolio to different companies. You want to show that you can fit into their setup easily enough and this should be reflected in the work + the CV you present.
Obviously include strong projects that offer something new but there isn’t much point sending work that really doesn’t relate (unless you really don’t have any choice or are looking to move fields)
Hope this helps.