Ecstasy of incluence: copying creatively

I just ran across this great article about copying or influence in creativity. Mostly, the article deals with writing and music, but I can see how it would apply to ID.

good find, thanks. very nice article.


In the Malcolm Gladwell book ‘What The Dog Saw’ in one of the latter chapters Gladwell talks about similar subject matter, and early in the same book he talks about making and marketing products. Good find.

“Every Artist is a cannibal,
every poet is a thief,
They kill for inspiration
then sing about their grief”

never thought I’d quote Bono…

I hear an artist speak once about ideas as waves. Multiple surfers catch the same wave, they don’t invent the wave, they ride it. These mental waves are part of the collective unconscious, culture at large. Some of us are more skilled at positioning ourselves in the path of the waves, and sensing when they come.

This TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert also gets to some of this:

I remember being struck by the similarities in Ayn Rand’s “Anthem”, George Orwell’s “1984”, and the lesser known novel by Yevgeny Zamyatin entitled “We” (the most powerful of the 3 in my opinion). Were they copying each other, or riding the same wave?

On a visit to Walter Gropius’s house here in Massachusetts I was surprised to learn that he was greatly inspired by colonial architecture in the United States. I was surprised at first, but the more you study his post Bauhaus work in the US, the more you can see it.

Thanks for the link 914!