Economy effecting the employed

Okay I first want to start by saying that I am thankful to be employed during these hard times. There are few jobs out there and I know that if I were to give mine up there would be many others that would be in line to take it.

After reading IP’s post around being in his 30’s and not feeling satisfied it got me thinking. How are these times effecting the ones that are employed? I know myself I was hired on at Mars as a Junior designer, very young and with not much experience. Through my years here I have grown and matured as a designer. I have been a great contributor to many great brands and design strategies. I have some good stuff out in the market. The responsibilities have increased, but I feel because of the economy the promotion opportunities have not. Also if I wanted to move on for a high role, they are not out there either. How many others are out there experiencing this? I fear that if I stay in a Mid Level role until the economy picks up that by that time I will be the old timer with not enough experience.

Maybe I am being a whiner here, but I know that there are others out there with same predicament.

Sorry if this is kind of off-topic but I worry about starting a family if I’m coming out of an ID program and taking an entry level job that pays 35k while paying off loans.

35k? ha that would be nice, most of my friends and I have only gotten offers in the 25k to 28k range max! 35k sounds pretty good right now. I just hope there aren’t too many people taking such low paying jobs, it is de-valuing our profession. Many people I know are making more than that in part time unskilled jobs.

Maybe we should start a union with a little “muscle” to get our field a little more respect :wink:

Perhaps the sad thing is I could be making 35k right now in an academic research lab but I wanna do ID … hopefully I’ll come out of an ID program with something more like 45k I’m hoping.

Dubya, I see that you are in Boston. That seems extremely low for such an expensive city.
Do you think that the low wages are particular to your area, or is this a larger trend? Either
way, it doesn’t seem fair.

Our department hasn’t been downsized. But as people left (1 retired, 1 quit), those positions were never approved to be refilled. Each designer is essentially a project manager because our reach goes far and across multiple departments, which is a nice perk actually. Personally, I’ve been given two roles as well as overflow responsibilities from my manager.

Externally, I’ve been looking and have traction with opportunities with other companies. I attribute that to my ID background, structural/machinery/graphic knowledge and MBA in the packaging inudtry. The positions I’ve been applying for have broad requirements which tells me they’re looking to fill two positions with one person.

It’s difficult, but you find a way to make it. To me, that’s the most terrifying part about being a parent; making sure you can provide for your children.