Eco Friendly Light Project

I have a project that is making a light that is eco friendly. Does anyone know where a good place is to start for researching eco friendly lighting or anything else related?


What kind of lighting are you looking into?

-ceiling mount

This really effects which technologies you will want to investigate. The two big trends are CFL (compact fluorescent) and LED (light emitting diodes). Both have problems right now. CFLs tend to produce cooler light, which consumers do not want in their homes. LEDs are expensive and at high power are not as efficient as fluorescents, so their use is limited to lower output products like flashlights and exterior lighting.

If you narrow your search I’ll dredge my memory and see what comes up.

The project is not limited to what kind of light exactly, but I would say interior for me. I just don’t know where to research to find out information on the new technologies.

Some things to consider could be the light’s life cycle. Do people just throw it away when it breaks or when they want a new one? Using eco-friendly material and processes is also important when considering a sustainable product. Minimizing material can be an interesting approach. Perhaps you were contracted by a local company to design some lights for their office, using local suppliers and materials cuts down on the energy needed to manufacture, transport the finished product and obtain the raw materials. Could you add functions to this light? Instead of buying a floor lamp and a desk lamp, maybe it does both.

Just my 2 cents.

OK. Here’s where to start.

Looks like Lumileds was bought by Philips. They are the technology leader in high powered LED technology. There is a lot of info on their website, just pick around.

OSRAM/Sylvania. I think they are the largest bulb maker in the world. They make all kinds of stuff from incadescent, fluorescent, LED, HID. The good thing is that they have some PDF lighting guides that will take you through the technology, so you’ll have an idea of what your options are.

This is a good book, if you have the time to pound through it. It’s Interior Lighting Design by Gary Gordon. He covers some of the tech, but it’s more oriented towards teaching the principles of effective interior lighting.

Another thing to look up might be CENs lighting. It’s a trade magazine from Taiwan. It will be depressing seeing so many suppliers for crap lighting, but they have some good articles from time to time about technology. Also, go to your school library or maybe swing by UWM’s library and look up some technology articles in the journal databases. That will give you the most current info. You can also use google scholar, but that’s almost cheating.

As Brian Mullins said, also look at the life cycle. Look up the leaf light by Fuseproject. It uses a mix of new technology along with recyclable materials. is good too

LEDs are the holy grail of “green” lighting.

im working on a similar project, and ive learned that not only do LEDs have an exceptional life span, but the manufacturing process is actually relatively green (compared to lightbulbs and other plastics of similar sizes). in addition they use a ridiculously tiny amount of electricity for the amount and quality of light they produce.

thats all im going to say, we might be in competition some day :wink: