I’m searching for some kind of closed cell, moldable, eco friendly foam. Could recycle in some way, or be from recycled ingrediants.

I’ll be making 50,000+ cushions next year and want to switch to something better than a pvc based material.

Anything out there I’ve missed?

Why use closed cell foam for cushions? Open-cell material should be more comfortable, no?
If you want something eco-friendly, avoid polyurethane, unless you use recycled polyurethane foam (little bits of chopped up PU foam all put back together).
Look at PE or PP foam, but that’s very basic material, perhaps your application needs something more high tech?
There’s also natural latex, it’s eco friendly (as from a natural source), yet expensive… but very comfy…

I’m going with closed-cell for durability. They are much harder to tear than PU, and don’t absorb water when punctured. I’ve been searching for about 6 months now, discovering not much exists in the world of eco-foam. I have discovered there is a great opportunity for someone to develop such a material, whether from a sustainable resource, is recycleable, or bio-degradable. Very little is out there with any one of those three characteristics.

I’m not giving up though, and will keep searching.

One lead is this company in Taiwan.