eco design websites???

I’m looking for links to good websites on eco design (materials/use case/function)…preferably one with product info/images of concepts or things actually in production. Trying to find nice images of clean and simple designs.

For Economy, Smplicity and Flexability
few things beat a BUV ( Basic Utility Vehicle )


Not sure if they contain the images you’re looking for, but just try them (and their links);

I think that you will enjoy these:

This is a fabulous idea! Vegware - plant-based compostable foodservice packaging Nice find!

Thanks. The vegware material is pretty interesting although the design is certainly lacking. The material does fatigue very easily and the potato based variation breaks easily. Still it is a good start.

The biopolymer arent that new, they can change how long they last and when they become compost. But problem they need to be used or sold before it become compost. Like hey shopping for some party throwaway vorks and buy it a month before cause you might be too buzy before the party. And end up with a bag of compost when you look for them in the closet.

But it mainly used on things you use daily cause they can check how fast you normally use things. Like bread is very fast and parfume they can say you spray once a day and is empty in about a month for example.

The newest biopolymer is chickenfeathers. Very awesome cause those one thing less in the trash when they prepare them for your dinner.

Chciken feather circuit boards article.

That’s quite a slick design - and all of that will compost within a year.

These are some sites of ecodesign we’ve done articles on that you might find interesting:

ISPO 2008

a few more