Eco Coke Bottle

How did you guess. I also have a soar spot with the minimal amount of branding design and stratgy education in ID schools, but that is another thread in of itself.


Like I mentioned you did some great work and I am a big fan (I have passed you work around the office many times), just try to keep that brand history in mind when doing a project like this.


I think you are off to an amazing start to your schooling. You have such a strong eye and skill set that is tons better than anything I’ve ever seen a freshman produce. I was impressed by your light project you showed earlier in the year. Keep up the good work.

As far as your bottle goes… I think this bottle design would be great for a new organic juice company. For some reason it just seems to screams juice company to me.

A lot of the founders of our profession where rebels, ignoring all that came before them. Sometimes, the best way to respect their thought process is to disregard their actual work… in this case though, Lowey did not invent the wasted Coke bottle, it came some years before, he did restyle the proportions to me more in tune with the body proportions of a famous actress… May West I believe.


Congrats for making on the front page and onto!! I would encourage you to really pay attention to the comments on the Dieline. You will get a great critique on the branding and the structural package.

Once agian Congrats. Most students to hit theDieline are juniors or seniors.

And the front page of Core! Nice work.

I like it yo.

Thanks for the support everyone!

And @ Ross McCoy, I thought the exact same thing after designing it. :slight_smile:

keep learning taking the best advices and never stop growing with your passion for design… that’s my advice.

Andrew, nice work again, I was particularly impressed by the accordion/compression illustration.

I also thought your response to the feedback was as exemplary as your work, you showed appreciation and understanding, but also explained your thinking, I generally find this to be valuable as someone reviewing others work.

My biggest gripe would be that while you completely ignored the iconic bottle shape then by the same token you should have
thrown that new cap design out the window, be rebellious, but be consistent! :slight_smile: I am also not a huge fan of the final form and graphic application, but your thought process here is top notch!

keep designing fabulous!



First of all I will say great work Andrew, for such a awesome concept, design, detailing and presentation. I really love it.

If you look at the coke bottle than their labeling has always been at the centre which occupies little space considering the whole bottle and we can see the coke inside the bottle, but in your design you have covered whole of the bottle with the labeling, I guess if you can try to reduce the labeling and make bottle more transparent as original, which gives coke a different look under light and vice versa. I think your bottle will look pretty good. Just a thought I may be wrong here.

Keep up the good work.

I think it’s optimistic that coke would ever release a product with as little graphic treatment as that. Undoubtedly there would be some poorly illustrated water droplets, ‘grip’, promotion etc. Loved your presentation, was a lot nicer than my first year work.

Yeah, i’ll nitpick as well:
In regards to your presentation, I didn’t see the contour until a third or fourth look. Yeah, maybe I didn’t look hard enough bla bla, but in reality, as a portfolio piece you’re not going to get more than a minute a page and it’s a really nice element, so think about the communication!

@ your design, well, I think the forum-goers have provided some useful feedback. Just remember that a bad design well communicated is a hell of a lot more dangerous than a bad idea poorly communicated. Always research your assertions, develop a strong consumer insight, otherwise you’ll forever be doing work that trawls the blogosphere but rarely makes it to production.


I am surprised that this gets so much play everywhere.
I guess ID’s, just like anybody else, love shiny things.

That your presentation looks nice has now been states lots of times and it is true. But it is not important to your product which is a packaging assignment, not a presentation/illustration project.

What I believe is much more important than ground reflections and putting white ITC AvantGarde with minimal kerning onto some colorful images of a landfill, is to actually challenge the design and the thinking behind it.
Many good points have already been made about the research, which in my opinion is vital to your success and should have been treaded as a priority.
I fail to see the innovation in this product. It might have been a good idea to take this opportunity to challenge the brand completely, the way we consume and interact with the product.

For me, and I know I will get some heat for it here, there is too much icing and not enough cake.

Dude, the guy, is what,a sophomore? Ease up. I’m not sure if this is your intent, but this reads less as feedback and more as a little jealousy over some good PR. It was a quick idea that he worked up, put out into the world, and the world said “hey, neat.”. I’m sure he knows he needs to push further, but he has 2 more years of schooling to do that. Te simple fact is, he is light years ahead of most other sophomores. I just got a portfolio from a sophomore today, and I would have loved to see a project like this instead of the low grade work I got.

Of course, he is being held by a higher standard. Also by me.
Coming of as “jealous” was definitely not my intent.
What I tried to do is to push Andrew forward, to try to see past his extra ordinary level of communicative skill and trying to get to the heart of what a design project is about. He is definitely ready for this.

I am looking forward to seeing his next project.

Bepster I think you down play the importance of great visual presentation. There’s something really important, in my opinion, for a Designer to be able to catch someone’s attention, right? Even if it is with something shiny from time to time. That’s part of what we do, we’re visual communicators and problem solvers, but the first step is motivating someone to look at your work. Obviously you need research to back it up, but to equate the visual presentation to “icing”… I can’t agree with that at all. I’ve seen a lot of projects that i’m sure were extremely well thought out but I wouldn’t know because the layout and presentation was so painful that I just skipped ahead to something “shiny”.

Criticism is great, and Andrew seems mature enough to take it all in stride and use it constructively, but I think that because all his work looks so well considered and professional people are responding to it as though it was a 10 week thesis project and not a Freshman midterm project!

this is very true.

Thanks again everyone~

@Idiot, thanks for the laugh~ I seemed to have discovered the fun of being a rebel. :wink:

@Wods - Thanks for the suggestion. After reading all these opinions, I have designed the 2.0 version of the bottle in my head and a smaller label is a part of it. Or maybe no label?

@tbaker, thanks for the nitpicking. Due to all the (helpful) nitpicking I have received in this project, I have learned more from it than all of my older ones put together. :slight_smile:

@bepster, thanks and I’ve heard much harsher things so no harsh feelings. And my next project is beginning to take shape so hopefully you’ll offer some cake when it comes out. :wink:

@Yo, thanks again man, you are too fantastic. I’m a freshman though~ :wink:

@Choto, thanks hopefully people will always be willing to critique my work this deeply.

Thanks again everyone.

You’re really making the rounds now, just saw it on!

Thanks for the heads-up!