Hey, anyone from Emily Carr here?


going into second year…what about you?


Cool, I am going into my forth year at ECIAD. What classes you taking?

Formerly ECIAD here

cool cool…I work with a girl who is also going into 4th year

i dont really get any choice of electives first semester…so just a drawing, drafting, design history and core studio course…but I’m lookin forward to it

ps: danger, i emailed you way back about applying at ECIAD, thanks again for the advice, it seemed to work!

Hey ECIAD people.

I was thinking about goiing to Emily Carr a few years ago. I love Vancouver, but am not sure what the designers are like over there. What do you think as students?

Could you tell me a little bit about the design scene in Vancouver?


swey, I am going into my forth year of ID at ECIAD. The design scene is pritty limited in Vancouver, however, if you work hard and make connections it is possible to get a job at one of the small local firms. In general Vancouver does not have as many firms as San Fran or NY.

ECIAD’s ID program is very good, give it a try…