Easycanvas (Pro) - iPad pentablet to Windows

This is my short review of an app I discovered recently. Since I have my iPad Pro I regularly use Procreate and Sketchbook Pro. And although these apps are awesome in their respect, sometimes I just want to directly draw on a screenshot for example to make annotations, or to sketch in photoshop a new proposal.

This was possible for a while with AirDisplay and other apps. But these are now quite expensive and subscription based or dont work at all on Windows. On MacOs it is of course still possible with SideCar (I think this is how its called).

But I found a new app that I want to share, because; it works very well, there is a free version without ads and with all functions. And the paid version that only adds wireless is very reasonably prices (sub $10,- a year). It is called Easycanvas, and you can find it in the Appstore: ‎EasyCanvas -Graphic tablet App on the App Store.

I was quite happy to find out about this app, and use it regularly. So thats why I wanted to share it here so you also can enjoy it.
The app differs a bit from the others in that the display is not extended but duplicated. At default it displays the same resolution as the duplicated screen (16:9 is also 16:9 on the iPad, not ideal).

Some tips after installation:

  • All app settings are located in the taskbar icons on the right side.
    -If you want the same aspect ratio as the iPad (4:3)
    – You need to put your duplicated screen at a 4:3 resolution,
    – And, change the display scaling in the Easy Canvas app settings (which is located on the taskbar right side app icon)
  • It needs to be connected to the computer via a lightning cable.
  • The paid version has wireless functionality
  • The app mirrors one of your active screens, right-click in the app-icon on right side at the windows taskbar to change which screen is selected.

So I hope this helps!