Easy-to-use Web Design Software

I’m going to be re-creating my website and I have a few questions:

What are some very simple programs for building your own website? I am thinking very simple and clean. (Like Yo’s for example, very simple and very nice.)

Are those website templates worth looking into?


This is just my opinion, if its “your” design website I would create it myself/yourself so it’s a little more personal. I wouldn’t use a templete.

Use dreamweaver if you have it.

Thanks for the feedback! I agree and would like to create the website from scratch, however I have no experience with web design software. Is dreamweaver easy to use?

Does anyone have any suggestions on easy to use software? Also, maybe some resources for how to get started like a tutorial or …?

Any web design requires at least a basic understanding of HTML.

Going on the assumption that you already have a basic understanding of HTML, Dreamweaver is not overly difficult to use. Its like any other software…its a tool to make a job easier. It won’t allow you to get into web design without some basic skills.

I use rapid weaver, it’s like the powerpoint of web software, mostly drag and drop type stuff. It doesn’t make the best sites but they are clean and simple.


Thank you YO…much appreciated

I second and 3rd the Dreamweaver recs. It’s very easy to use and as long as you have Photoshop or Fireworks for image making, that’s really all you need. I’ve used Dreamweaver for many years for tiny sites all the way up to ones with thousands of pages. It handles all comers with equal aplomb. For just starting out, if you can track down an older version, like 4, it is a little more stripped down with fewer bells and whistles to trip you up.

Any web design requires at least a basic understanding of HTML.

LOL, if this were only true.

Personally I would use a template if I could. If it can be personalized then you can save a little heartache based on the experience of the template designer. Plug and Play works for me.

If you are a web designer, you should never use a template for your own site. Go simple, but always craft it by yourself.

If you are not a web designer, you should probably ask someone with web design experience to help you rather than hack away at it yourself, alone.

If a web designer said “use a template here, its a good way to save some time” then fine, go with that.

You didn’t say what sort of content, or how much, you need to present, on your site. You should!

I have learned dreamweaver for just a month. To be honest, I love it immediately at the beginning for it is really simple and intelligent.However, with the days going on, I found that it’s easy to learn and hard to master.
So, I think I still have a long way to go to draw a satisfying website……


simple, easy and the best CMS

Sorry, I disagree - unless you know some HTML, Dreamweaver is not easy to just pick up and run with. I know, because I did it, or tried to do it.

In the end I just gave in and just decided to learn it - the basics anyway. Once you get over the hump it’s not bad at all. (for me that was a couple of intense days, then refinements over the following weeks) I recommend learning it if you have the time and friends you can call when you have a question that’s driving you nuts. If not, I think a template is just fine. Perhaps Yo’s recommendation…