Easy link back from Coroflot to Core77

I can’t see an easy link back from Coroflot to Core77. Is this possible? Too many mouse clicks (new tab, favourites etc.) is giving me RSI.

At the top of the webpage, next to the Core77 logo, all the way on the right. The Jobs & Portfolios box will also take you there.

I can’t see any link. From Core to Coroflot yes, but not back again.

Where is it?

You’re right. I read over your first post too quickly, sorry about that. I also can’t find an easy way back…

Don’t think there is one… Perhaps it’s intentionally separate?

Thats what I’m thinking- though they could have links to all the ‘partners’ (Moco Loco, Dieline, PSFK , as well as Core).

I’m not sure why that is but you are right.

You are correct that there is no permanent link back to Core77 from Coroflot. For a long time we wanted to drive traffic one-way, without worrying about return traffic. But this seems out of line now that I’m thinking about it. If nothing else we should list Core77 as a ‘partner’ site along with the other sites we do business with.

Thanks for the suggestion - I’ll see this gets added.

Hey look, the internet works! Thanks