East to West Portfolio review

Short story, I’ve been out of school for 8 years now and I have what I think are relatively good to mediocre design skills. My experience at this point has chronologically been: packaging, retail displays, commercial, industrial, and few medical product designs. I was working for a relatively small design group on the east coast whose focus has always been the back end of product development, ie., design engineering and prototype part CAD modeling. Until I came, they never even produced renderings for clients for fear of the client taking the work and offshoring the engineering development. Front end Industrial design was always 2 bullet points on the proposal with no room for actual good design development. So there really was no room to pursue a healthy front end design effort. I guess that’s how the business felt the thrust of the business should be presented as.

So here I am on the SoCal west coast with a dilemma. My work shows more engineering development rather than traditional front end design efforts. I’m trying to wedge my foot into a corporate ID position where I can build solid front end ID experience. But, I need feedback on my work and strategy if possible.

I am posting 2 sample projects from my portfolio as this has been my best work so far. I am formatting my other projects, but I thought I’d get an initial response to see if I’m heading in the right direction. Any help would be much appreciated…