East meets West-Art to wear in paper

Hi guys

this is about my creation that I kept in mind for years, but finally carried it out. And please give me some of your thoughts. thanks :smiley:

The concept is based on Space, order and light from
Le Corbusier’s words

This film is originally a presentation in powerpoint, and converted by keynote.

Le film est originalement une presentation en Powerpoint, est converti par Keynote.

The background music is made myself with garageband because I am afread of copyright problems. If you feel the music not so right, please not so critical. After all, it is my first try.

La musique en arrier plan est faite moi meme avec Garageband parceque j’ai peur d’avoir des problem avec “copy right”. Si la music ne vous plait pas, soyez tolerent, C’est la premiere fois que j’ai esseye.

The photos in the films are made with a Nikon digital camera.
Toutes les photos sont faites avec un Nikon camera digitale.

The clothes are made of tracing paper, so they have perfect transluscent look.

Le materiel est papier de retrace qu’il garde une qualite de transluscence.

The design had conceived at 2002, but it has never been carried out until now because of my laziness.

L’idee etait concue en 2002, mais est realisee jusqu’a maintenant, a cause de ma paresse

I wanted to have an exhibiton at the first place, but lack of financial support, I decided to make it on line.

The paper clothes at present is put away, but takes quite some places. I am looking for some solution. Any ideas?