East Coast to West Coast?

well, my employer hit rock bottom and laid a few of us off, so i’m floating. between a few gigs here and there, i’m suckling off the government teat.


i’ve been trying to focus my job search on the southeast, but it’s not panning out so well. i blew out a ton of hits to some west coast companies and i’m receiving awesome feedback. flattering and humbling at the same time.

anyways, i have no_idea what sort of salary requirements to tell these companies. i have been to a few sites, but the 20% difference doesn’t sound right. the housing market has me scared out of gourd. i have a nice, new construction home for under $200k. on the west coast, $200k won’t get me into a porta-jon. a 20% increase in pay sure won’t cover a home that will cost me 2,5X the one i have.

anyone have some good ideas about payscale or negotiation?