East Coast Earthquake

Okay I know this is weird, but we had an earthquake here in NJ, well it started in VA. Just wanted to get others comment out there. Any of you NYC guys get shaken up today? I have never experienced the building shaking. Kind of scary!!

Yep, in our office on the 18th floor in Chelsea. It was fun. Happened right after we finished applauding for the intern presentations: a dramatic end. Evacuated just to be safe!

Being from California/Asia, it was no biggie, but a lot of people were like HOLY SHIT and panicked.

Yeah we went on as usual. One of my counter parts has a boyfriend that works in NYC and she went home. I thought it was pretty cool to be honest. I know that kind of stuff is serious, but we just got enough to rattle my monitor, not enough to bring down a building.

Felt it nicely in DC. They’re renovating the 1st floor so I thought the building was coming down, but got to go home early.

seen on twitter today:

“I get it East Coasters, you had an earthquake. In California we just call that Tuesday.”


I remember when I first moved to the Bay Area someone showed me an earthquake map and there had been about 50 that day… it’s crazy how many there are out there. They felt like a laundry machine in running in another room sometimes.

It’s still crazy for the E Coast… a lot of my friends back home were buzzing about it

http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqscanv/FaultMaps/San_Francisco.html]local earthquake map

Was all a pretty big joke. People used it as an excuse to go outside, I sat at my desk and checked Facebook.

Just a primer for this weekends hurricane…