ease of operation, digital vrs analog

Here is a good question, how many here find it easier to set the alarm on a analog clock? How many here find setting a digital clock’s alarm (or even time) a easy and intuitive thing? On analogs there tends to be a knob that moves the indicator for time around the face. To activate the alarm there is also a knob or button to enable that function. On digital, depending on the appliance/device it is first find the manual, read, then apply the instructions. The instructions normally involve using buttons or keys that are multifunctional and so there is much scrolling and messing about. I understand a alarm clocks are generally only set up once, however there are other products/processes where that alarm function is used more often. So, intuitive with dedicated input or multifunction and look for the manual?

Funny, seems I’m not the only one interested in watches lately.

For me, I dare to say analog. Tho I bet that the digital one for night is a better alternative.

I think the Analog is easier to set, but first you have to know how to read analog time, which is pretty unintuitive itself.

The digitals are always a bear to set, but easy to read. I have a 13 year old Timex digital alarm clock that is super simple and actually has the buttons on the front surface. I haven’t found a better one, as all the “designer” alarms seem to want to hide the buttons, making it hard to use. I haven’t seen a digital done well, which is why I sketched this guy up a while back. The idea was to have a toggle bellow each number. It was just a quick doodle, but I’d like to design a well though alarm clock… or at least buy one :wink:

How about compared to a Smart Phone alarm clock? Much easier than both.
Screen shot 2011-12-22 at 12.58.51 PM.png

Smart phone alarm clock? It has one? Amazing!

I can’ tell if you are being sarcastic, but yep, the iPhone version is very easy to set… with lots of variants in the app store of course. I’m sure the android and windows phone ones are easy to use as well.

People make stands for them to be at your bedside… Fellow frog CD out of the New York studio designed this one:

Ok, now if it worked like a phone, you know for voice calls, with sound quality a bit better than 2 cans and a string. I have a business associate that owns a Iphone, another one owns some android version and yes they can do a million wonderful things, except function as a phone.

They are horrible phones. They aren’t really phones at all. They are pocket computers that can make the occasional call. A lot of the voice quality issues are on the carrier side though. They send voice information over a different (weaker) protocol than data. If you get a VOIP app like skype for your smart phone you will notice a marked improvement in sound quality because the voice information will be going over the data connection… I know, weird.

Ya I know, a mutation of a device…sort of like a 58 caddy…lots of fins, chrome and “bumps” that the customers LOVE.

I was given a folding alarm clock, like this Phoney-Walker, for my trip to Japan in 1970. I still have it, it still works fine; you wind it up, turn the knob on the back to set time, and “wake up”. That’s all it does; tell the time and wake me up. But the best part is, it ticks … a reassuring sound when you’re far from home.