Earbuds... Hate 'em?

Hate Earbuds?

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  • I still carry a boombox on my shoulder so the question is irrelevant to me.

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Am I the only one who hates ear bud head phones with an all consuming passion?

  1. The sound is never as good, to me.
  2. They don’t stay in my ears, no matter what style I try. (interchangeable rubber surrounds, little over the ear things, etc., and don’t even get me started on the apple variant…) I practically have to shove them next to my brain to get them to stay put, and I can’t move my head or open my mouth at all.
  3. The selection for sporty, non-earbud headphones is rapidly shrinking as companies move in favor of earbuds.

Does this bug anyone else? And why has the earbud taken over?

Have you tried those “in-ear” ones? They are much better and stay put. Most also come with different sizes of rubber end bits so you can fit it to your ear hole.

I’ve never tried some of the more expensive ones, but love the Apple In-Ear ones. Gone through about 6 pairs over the last 6 years ago (not a problem with the earbuds, but inevitably I’ll accidently cut the cut, lose them, etc.).

I can’t stand normal earbuds either. They sounds like junk and don’t stay in my ear, plus they leak sound (both going in and coming out) like nobodies business. With the in-ear ones, you can’t hear a thing outside of your music, even at normal volume levels.


Shure SE115 Sound Isolating Earphones

Have the old version - they’ve been working great with over 5 years of heavy usage. They’re over 100 bucks but I think they’re worth it. Added the new rubber sleeves which are way more comfortable than the old ones. Check 'em out.

All of Shure’s headphones are fantastic. I loved my first pair so much I went for the 530’s.’ The quality is so fantastic I actually feel my head rumbling with the bass… it’s eerie.

I have the seinheisser in-ear ones, works great. I got them for $20 from newegg. That particular version has a short cord, only for hanging from around your neck but I’m sure they have others pretty cheap with a regular cord. The sound is definitely nicer than any regular buds and they stay put in your ear.

I find though that you may need to wet the rubber plugs first for them to really stay in your ears but once they’re in, really nice sound, bass, and it drowns out everyone around you on the train.

Be careful with your surroundings though, you can’t hear anyone sneak up on you and it is very different crossing the street.

yeah i echo the senheisser comments by skinny, cost me £25quid lasted nearly 2 years, fantastic at blocking out other noise and the base is brilliant.

I also find that a good pair of quality earbud headphones which blocks out other noise also means that you dont have to crank up the volume, i often only need it at 35-40% volume, saving my ears from the dreaded tinnitus.

personally, I cant stand the earbud style, but the in ear are a little better. They do begin to irritate my ear after a few hours. I usually use my over the ear style for longer listening (plus they sound better). I loved the Etymotics though. They fit nicely, and sound great. I could wear those for 6 hours straight.

I hate earbuds, but anyone that walks around with a huge set of cans on their ears looks like a dork, mho. BTW, those retro Panasonic headphones are really in fashion here in Montreal. I see a few people on the subway with them every day.

I’ve tried these “in ear” style with the interchangeable rubber surrounds>

No good. They slip out.

Tried this style before, too without the rubber surrounds:

Also, no good.


And these

Not happening.

What I end up liking the most for physical activity are these.

But I prefer the sound of larger DJ style head phones when I’m not running or cycling. I don’t care how dorky they look.

I must just have the wrong kind of ears.

This you?



HAHAHA!!! Aaahhh… basically…