Eames plastic chair any good?

I am entertaining the thought of buying 2-3 of these (http://www.thelighthouse.co.uk/assets/imgs/vitra/19.jpg) depending on budget. I find them really simple and pretty. The wire mesh does it for me :laughing:

Do any of you own it? Do these chairs hold up? Do they break where the legs join the plastic? I mean does the plastic tear over time? How about the wire legs? Are they sturdy? They are not the cheapest around so wanted to run it by you guys.

pssssssssssssssssst… (check out modernica…)

…you didn’t hear that from me! :wink:

Very sturdy chair. Go for it!

yes, it’s a strong chair.

i recall the retired mold of that chair sitting neaqr the reception area of the engineering department at the HM design yard. there was a human gesture drawn on it and it was autographed.

HM used to give a rocking chair version of that chair to employees expecting a child.

We have a dozen of those in our conference room and they’re very good. Only issue to report is sometimes the little feet fall off the metal and make it wobbly.

These are great chairs, however the HM re-issue is made from polypropylene, a very inappropriate material for this purpose. The original was made from fiberglass and is easily found on ebay, etc. or as an “unauthorized” version from modernica (that is, strangely, more true to the original design than the re-issue).

If it’s made from polypropylene it’s going to bend like those lousy monobloc white plastic chairs.


I’m totally serious: made from PP but keeping the original dimensions. The edges are flimsy, the whole thing flexes, AND it has the matte-finish surface treatment (which will get dirty and show shiny wear spots in no time).

Whoever approved that change could not possibly have an I.D. background…

i love those things. but i prefer the one without the arms (sidechair).


Whenever I walk by a DWR in NYC I have to go in and look at them. The proportions are perfect.

But here’s one alternative that is “designerly” yet 200 less than the armchair and 100 less than the sidechair. Not nearly as classic, but I really like this little guy too. I’m debating between Eames and these.

what do you think?