Eames Lounge Chair

I’ve been wanting an Eames Lounge Chair since I can remember.

Problem being I can’t justify the $8K (CAD) to get an official one from Herman Miller.

I have an opportunity to buy an imitation for a very reasonable price. Will the designer handshake be changed and will I lose access to the secret designer’s guild if I buy a knock-off Eames Lounge chair?

See if you can get a designer discount with Herman Miller (or EQ3). If you have your own business you just need to give your info. Save 20-30%

If that doesn’t work, find someone who has a trade discount. Any architect, interior designer or consultant might and can order for you.

Failing that, get vintage one. You can find really nice examples of recent production for about $4K.

The real thing is worth it. It will hold the value you you’ll know, Don’t go fake.


Having sat in knockoffs and genuine articles (both new and well-loved) there is a noticeable difference in the butt-test.

Plus - you’ll know. Who ya foolin?

The saving or the searching also makes it noticeably more comfy too, I must say.


I’m not getting one, or a LC4 (which I really want more), until my kids stop using the furniture for gymnastics and stunt performances. Should give me several years to save up!

I’ll look into the industry connections thing. I never thought about that.

Thanks everyone for the gravity to bring me back to reality. Desire mixed with lack of funds almost pushed me to the dark side.

How much was the knock-off out of curiosity?

I think that eventually if you really want something you will buy it. May as well do it right the first time.

I just gave up on owning one until my kids are older and the cat dies. My cat has a knack for gnawing on wood and poking holes in fabric. I too contemplated buying one of the $1k knockoffs to fill out a room in the front of our house but that space was since consumed by the wife’s exercise bike, so this will probably be a pipe dream for a while…maybe a 40th birthday present to myself in a few more years.

I found a Cloud Chair like this one in the recycling center at my apartment in Seoul. I placed it in the elevator foyer of my floor as a social/design experiment and all it did was collect dust and a few delivery boxes. When we moved house, the wife got $50 for it. I’m off anything Eames or anything else Mid-Century Modern. There is much better furniture by other designers out there.

I bought mine used, actual Rosewood, nearly perfect condition. I don’t recall the exact number but I would ballpark $2,000-$2,500 usd.

Plenty of used furniture sources. Be green, and save yourself a few bucks.

Ha! I keep telling myself that the designer’s furniture sucks anyway. So I don’t get tempted to buy into it. But-it-just-doesn’t-work-does-it.
But I also don’t want to turn my house into a museum. I did want to get a few Morrisson air chairs. I would look into ebay first.

By the way I love the cloud chair, would have paid you a factor more if it was an authentic one.