E-mail Copy & Paste

I’m trying to “copy & paste” an image onto an e-mail, but without much luck.

I’m not trying to “attach” an image file TO an e-mail; I would like to have the image appear with the text.

I can copy the image from my hard drive, but the “paste” selection is greyed out when I go to insert the image into the body of the e-mail.

I’ve tried it on an AOL account and a Hotmail account without success.

Any ideas?

if you’re composing your document in plain text mode then you can’t paste anything but text into the body of the document. try finding the option in your email editor to compose a new message as html/hypertext/rtf or whatever your software calls it, just not plain text/ascii.

Also the image must be RGB (simple, but I’ve made that mistake before :cry: )