dyson ball hoover

this is good design, not just some guy/girl who can sketch well

yeah but it costs over £300 - bit much for a vacuum cleaner. I’m sprised it took so long to come out with as James Dyson invented the Ball barrow many years ago

your a tit

a ball on a wheel barrow is not the same thing

…Now if only he could get together with Dean Kamen.

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As a matter of fact, I own a dyson. “The Animal” they call it. just after vacuuming with our old vacuum we vacuumed our house again with the new dyson and sucked up a cubic foot of cat hair, that the other one missed. I don’t have fifty cats, and my house isn’t that big. They have to have something going right here. I would recomend it to anone. Worth the money for sure

as a non brit living here in the UK i cannot understand the influence Dyson has over the design scene here… the man is a demi-god in the eyes of local designers… and for what… some interesting technical innovations wrapped up in 80’s styling. Time to move on

Still too hard or impossible to get into tight corners, under furniture and balancing it adds to user strain more than reduced surface friction detracts. Technologically advanced but atrocious Robo-Cop styling (like all Dyson products), too many crevices and surfaces to be itself kept clean and dust-free easily. Just too much “hardware”, could have been elegantly unobtrusive given the engineering inside. Too bad.

Surprising how little critical designers are on this forum … or else they’ve never handled a vacuum cleaner in a 3-level home.

Dyson’s a great guy but he should have stuck with engineering alone.

I completely agree with the overall design of the vacuum as for usablity etc, but it really is the best vacuum I’ve evr had

there are too many guys on this forum. or at least too many that don’t do the cleaning.

as far as “sucking” capability, this thing beats out all competition. i’m in the usa, have tried oreck, miele, and all the other hoover price level vacs. the animal dc14 is miles ahead and really doesn’t ever lose suction (i’m tired of the ads that repeat this over and over again). try owning 2 dogs and 2 cats, vacuum, then get back to me.

this is a marriage of visual design and extreme functionality. sure, the purple stands out, but its actually refressing compared to all of the grey vacuums that i’ve chucked out of the house.

my favorite feature: the one button release of all the dirt into a trashcan. beats other bagless vacs hands down.

my only hangup is that there are two attachments on top which come off whenever they are lightly bumped or jarred. i finally removed them and had to make a “vacuum attachment basket” for all of the other attachment plus these two.

he does get useabilty better than anyone out there.

However, Consumers Reports ranks his performance 13th on uprights. ‘suction’ is only half the cleaning story, agitating the dirt out of the carpet and managing the airflow into the dirtcup is the other half. His Clyclone puffs up the dirt and hair so it looks impressive but the average $75 bagged unit will clean as well.

His genious for marketing and the trust fund that allowed him to use a trial-and-error methodology for 15 years are what makes him successfull.

I love the functionality, I just wish it didn’t look like Captain Kirk’s vacuum. Personally I think a cleaning device should have a simple and intuitive form without a lot of nooks and cranies that attract dirt (I like my cleaning products to be clean).

I’ll stick with Miele and Electrolux

…didn’t know about that puffing up the dirt thing.

Personally, after I saw the “Sid & Nancy” movie, Hoover is the only brand for me,

wait , untill the kid who created the “bubble truck” (sea truck) during his stint in high-school finally got his vacumme to market (the tely + tarje’) after 10 years of production.

no wonder it has the styling of a 1984 italian concept car.

the funny part is he dosent realize it has a style at all.

oh well , emporors new clothes it is not, what with its status as an example of creative suck-cess

it sucks but dose not suck

I think he needs to resolve some of his decorative in-equities.

however, he is an example, design industry should follow.

trust fund or not.

if I had a trust fund to spend on tooling, The fund would no longer be trusted.