Dyson Airblade Tap - Discuss!

I’m not sure if there are any like me, but I get easily irritated by the noise coming from hand dryers even when they are across at the other end of the toilet. I can’t imagine having 6 of them going off simultaneously beside me.

I believe he had his hands just touching the airblade exit as it dried, causing the splash back.

So yeah if you do come across one, just distance your hands!

I think this is awesome.

Lifted from this weekend’s Wall Street Journal article on Dyson. The article states that from dead-stop the motor reaches 95,000 rpm in 0.7 seconds and that the air exits at 430 mph. :open_mouth: Are safety glasses provided?

To see fascinating sink design, visit Thai restaurants in New York City. (Maybe other places, too; I just haven’t been elsewhere.) You’ll see everything from tilted rubber slabs to, well, I don’t know what to call it when the faucet spout is a room-length horizontal bamboo (with a perforated copper pipe inside) that rains straight down, and the “sink” is pebbles on the floor behind a waist-high wall of glass. Amazingly creative ideas going on. So in fact, yup, sinks can be re-thought.

I guess it solves the Airblade rusty puddle problem by having the dryer over the sink.

I tend to find that the current airblade sprays water all over my shirt. Would a downforce spray it over my trousers?

Would a curved sink dire t the water all over my crotch?

Kind of reminds me of the crap all in one soap / water /dryers you get in station. You miss the soap and get the water, you miss the water when you get the soap…

I blame McDonald’s for those pesky McDryers they had when I was but a young one


Interesting product for sure, but I wonder if Dyson looked at how people actually use these things in the bathroom? Right now having separate hand dryers and taps let people rotate through the process without remaining in any single area for too long. I’m just imagining someone hogging the handwashing/drying area while I stand in a long line of people with their nasty, grubby paws…

This, and the probability of waiting in line. One of the only things I really like about visiting a hospital are those wall-mounted foam hand-sanitizer dispensers. They are so quick to use, and it just dries within a few seconds.

Haven’t tried the Airblade Tap but it must really amplify what is already an issue with the Airblade V: any soap/water left in the sink is blown up into the air. The Airblade V makes a mess in smaller bathrooms (to my experience at least) if it is mounted higher than the sink.