Dyslexia: How Does it Affect your Work?

Evidence would have it that there is a larger than average number of dyslexics in our profession. I’m pretty sure its not just me.

How does dyslexia or other specific learning differences affect your work?
What benefit do you get from the positives?
How do you get around of negatives?

I know two dyslexic designers (maybe more but these two guys are pretty open about it)… I am not, as far as I know. They both seem like they’ve had difficulties, but I think they gravitated to ID because there are more drawing & sculptural parts rather than textual.

One thing that really stands out about them is the way they express themselves and communicate without writing. One is the smoothest talker I’ve met… a complete charmer. I’m pretty sure he’s learned everything he knows from talking to people and is very entertaining/persuasive when he’s speaking about something. The other is more quiet but I hear is a complete master on the Cintiq…

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the one dyslexic designer I’ve worked with is a Cintiq maestro,
Also, he keeps is Email in-box full up, so people have to call him to communicate (he gives everyone his cell and always answers)
other than that, no difference