dxf/dwg to solidworks

possible? or is it easier to use an intermediate file type that autocad can export as and solidworks can import. right now, dxf ain’t cutting it in solidworks.


I don’t know if it is possible directly, anyway consider that dxf and dwg 3d files are mesh-based files. You should export from Autocad (if you used autocad) in ACIS format (.sat).

If Solidworks doesn’t import .sat files, you can convert the file into step format with the free online service http://www.steptools.com.

If you need a different file format, you can download the free evaluation copy of Rhino (http://www.rhino3d.com), that can handle step files (as well as a wide range of different formats) and can export into IGES or whatever you need. The evalutaion version has 25 saves available, so it might be worth it.

Hope it helps,