DWS Z1 inline skate wheels - Red Dot

DWS Z1 is a sleek, streamlined, high-performance and eco-friendly wheel system that weighs less than 155 grams, yet it’s highly durable due to its unique aluminum rim. The wheel has unparalleled strength and speed. Additionally, it requires less material and time to replace. The elimination of a non-recyclable plastic core makes the process of changing wheels better for the environment and it’s revolutionizing the skating industry.

The wheels won both the ISPO 215/2016 Gold Winner Award and the Red Dot Product Design Award 2016.

Benedik-Design, Founder (SLV)
Winner Consumer Voting ISPO COMMUNITY:

“The interchangeable rim/rubber concept is a perfect example for ecological engineering. It’s also a great example for how to implement proven principles into the action sports industries. In addition, the user will carry less weight and spend less on the exchange of wheels.”

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