hello everyone :slight_smile:

dropped pics on coroflot. please comment on this one

or maybe here Dmitri Gour, Design Engineer in London, United Kingdom

thanks in advance

i’ve noticed that coroflot’s portfolio engine tend to resize bitmaps to 621 pixel in width. what is the maximum heigh allowed? i’ve seen pretty long ones :neutral_face:

what is the maximum heigh allowed?

Just download one of the pictures from someone else’s folio and figure it out that way.

k. what is the maximum upload total then? just trying to figure out space/weight ratio :slight_smile:

Just a few comments…

Looks like you know some 3D, but where is the form? I don’t see much new interesting products. And som sketches would be good too. Explain the products, what are they, what do they do? And explain why these ideas have a place in the massproducing world of today…

Good luck!

ive done 261X1600 with no problem…gonna try longer. it looks like that the area captured for thubnail must be 621X410 pixels in size and must be at the top of the bitmap…right?

it looks like there is no restrictions on the height of the picture as far as the size of it stays within proposed limits (260 K) :smiley:
the last one i’ve tried was 621x2500 (it is there-check that yellow thing) and its size was just 104k which meand i can almost double the hight of it tho i barely need to-it looks very impressive at 2500-i mean its really ALOT of space for each sample page.
have to work hard to fill it up .)

to Lambert.
thx. sketches are my weakest point since im a doodler (you can see some here http://dvg2k.com/pde2020/pde2020.htm). besides most of it got missing and i have to redraw alot :frowning:

My opinoin is that you don’t have to be the “great sketcher” to be a good designer. Those skechtes shows a personality which you don’t show in your 3D pictures, they are really anonymous…

And your “doodling” shows that you have great ideas!

Everything doesn’t always have to be so damn proffesional…


I agree you dont have to be a great sketcher but you do want to make the impression that you can sketch and can work through concepts. Taking your sketches and making them smaller, turning there opacity down and putting them closer together and incorporating it into your portfolio pages, will draw less attention to them but at the same time they will look sketchy and shows your thought process, this is what most companies want to see from my personal experience.

thanks guys :o)
i’ve dedicated portfolio site up now which incorporates you comments as well (i mean my doodling abilities tightened & cleaned up) as well as some “work in progress”.
think its time to update coroflot’s pages

I did have a sort look at your portfolio. Very nice! Easy navigation, clear overview and nice photos and drawings. Good work!

2 smeerkees: thanks :o)
2 all iders: full portfolio draft is up for your comments at dvgid.com
thanks in advance