dvd/cd/book presentator

hi everyone!

this is my first post in this nice forum, so ill introduce me with some short sentences. my name is ismail, and im living in germany. the city is called göttingen, its near hannover. im 20 years and from october on ill study product design in hamburg on the hfbk (thats how the university there is called).

the work i want you to show is something i made some month ago for a german bookstore. they needed a new design for a presentation stand for cds, dvds and books. the stand is made for standing in front of the stores. first i made some sketches and did this 3 different versions. this was the first render:

as you can see on all of the 3 versions, there was an height given fot the stand, the size of the upper case for the books/dvds/cds and the size for a posterframe wich had to be on the front an wich is yoused for advertising.
this is another render of a 4th version:

the wood on the right and left side isnt real wood. its a pvc “sticker”.

and this was the final version wich was actually build:

so as i said, they prefered the last one and made some of it (i think 10), but then it went to expensive and they used another design.

so thats what i wanted to show you. i would really like to get some feedback, and sorry if i made some mistakes, but my english is not the best.

greetings from good old germany,

ismail :smiley:

Thanks for posting…

Personally I like the simple lines of the 4th version… its more architectural, but with some interest at the bottom, and looks like it could fit into different types of environments… and the inside could be used for storage…

yeah that was my favorite too. it would also been a lot of cheaper because you would have so much overage. but they said that it looks to heavy.

I agree with you both. That one is my favorite. You should market them as modular storage…It looks like a very unique system that could be used in kitchens or Barber shops in the USA. Just a thought.