Dutchtub: HOT! Great new way of outdoor bathing

This piece of “furniture” to be used outdoors was designed by Floris Schoonderbeek, whom I intervieweda week ago for my www.design-emotion.com website.

It is great to see which people buy this original hot tub and where they place it. Some take it into the mountains to enjoy pure outdoor life, others have it next to their swimming pool to show off. It seems to appeal to each and everyone.

Anyone up for a hot bath outside? :astonished:

I wonder how the Dutchtub would do in the USA?

Aside from the styling, most consumers here would be horrified that you have to heat it with an actual fire (“Where do I plug it in?”) and that it doesn’t have water jets (“That’s no jacuzzi!!”) et al…

I’d love to have one, although I’m not your typical American consumer


VW THING in background totally adds to the essence. Gave me a chuckle.

just needs some bubba grilling hotdogs over the fire, doesn’t it?