Dutch schools VS Swedish schools

Hello everyone!
I am an industrial design graduate from China, and I plan to further my master study of industrial design abroad in Holland or Sweden. Now I was admitted by TU Delft’s master programme in Design for Interaction, and also TU/e’s master programme in Industrial Design. I am also waiting for information about admission from HDK at Goteborg University, Sweden.
I want to attend a master programme, which is involved with many projects cooperation with real clients, by which I can improve my practical design skills and find a related job after graduation easily. I want to work aboard for a while to gain some overseas work experience before coming back to China. If not consider about the financial aspect (Swedish school is of free tuition and Dutch school is not), only making comments from the aspect of cultivating practical design skills and seeking jobs as industrial designer or user experience designer, which school is better choice??? Which country is better at design education and is easier to find a related job?
Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you so much for your help!!! :slight_smile:

You can contact me here or at alialee18@yahoo.com.cn, thanks a lot !

both countries have a rich art/design heritage so that might not play such a huge role.

I’ve heard great things of HDK (and have visited Goteborg many time (i’m swedish)) and goteborg is close to denmark and copenhagen, which is probably one of my favorite cities!

i’ll be honest, i will always tend to go for a free education. and in sweden quality is definitely not compromised…

my quick 2c

Thank you, madhero!! :slight_smile:
What are the great things you heard about HDK to be exactly?

i’ve heard the way classes are taught is very “free” and up to each and everyone. although ive only heard from master of design people… the school itself is nice, has good resources in terms of computers, machines and so forth…

the students tend to be all very motivated… so that’s always good. lots of cross-pollination in the type of work being done… well at least what i’ve seen


Both schools are great, but here are a couple of things to consider-

  1. While the Swedish school is free, you may find it easier to live in Holland. Overall, the student body is more diverse, the seasonal changes not as extreme, and the Dutch have an easier time with speaking English than the Swedish. (Don’t get me wrong, I love Sweden- Holland is easier for foreigners.)

  2. No other way to say it: It will be very very hard to find a job after school in Europe. There aren’t many there, and by law, go to native designers first. It is possible, not probable. Start looking the day you get there.

  3. Delft and TU/e are very engineering based programs. Make sure that’s what you want to study for.

Good luck!

i had this chat with a friend yesterday, and he gave me a very good answer on why sweden has better schools than the netherlands.

sweden has more babes.

maybe that helps. :slight_smile:

:open_mouth: more babes?? what do you mean??

Hi, Alialee
I’m also a student from China :slight_smile:

Your short-term goal of master programs and works is almost the same to me! But my question about school is German schools VS Finnish schools. I’ve been admitted by UIAH (Helsinki) in Industrial and Strategic Design, and also applied for German schools (ABK Stuttgart and Universität Duisburg-Essen). By the way, I’ve learned German.

Can anyone here give me advice too?!
I need it badly! Thank you!

Hi friend, send me an email or tell me your msn, I think I can give you some valuable advice :slight_smile:
Does anyone here who is studying in HDK in Sweden and can give me some advice which school I should go to??
I also want your advice badly!! one is HDK which is free tuition, in other school is TU Delft in Holland, which requires me to pay tuition around 8300 euros per year ( this is a 2 year master). I got from this website that TU Delft ranks top 3 in Europe, while HDK is not on the list. But TU Delft costs a lot more money. So it is really a hard choice for me, especially when I don’t know anything about HDK and anyone who studies there.

here oyu’ll find the name of current students as well as their email addresses… why not ask them directly?


Kandidat are the Bachelor students and Magister are the Masters students

good luck

Thanks a lot, madhero!! :smiley:
since you are Swedish, is there somewhere on HDK’s website which introduces the professor of industrial design in Swedish?
I also want to contact my potential future mentor, hopefully he used to work in this industry before

I was at DesignCentrum at Lund University and still live in Lund. Fire me an email if you want any more input on Sweden on top of what you get from Madhero :slight_smile:

Can never have too much!

I’ve posted several times here about questions regarding life here, so feel free to search my posts and take a look whenver ya get a sec

Or just fire me an email to James@blackbadger.se