Dutch schools VS Swedish schools

Hello everyone!
I am an industrial design graduate from China, and I plan to further my master study of industrial design abroad in Holland or Sweden. Now I was admitted by TU Delft’s master programme in Design for Interaction, and also TU/e’s master programme in Industrial Design. I am also waiting for information about admission from HDK at Goteborg University, Sweden.
I want to attend a master programme, which is involved with many projects cooperation with real clients, by which I can improve my practical design skills and find a related job after graduation easily. I want to work aboard for a while to gain some overseas work experience before coming back to China. If not consider about the financial aspect (Swedish school is of free tuition and Dutch school is not), only making comments from the aspect of cultivating practical design skills and seeking jobs as industrial designer or user experience designer, which school is better choice??? Which country is better at design education and is easier to find a related job?
Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you so much for your help!!! :slight_smile:
You can contact me here or at alialee18@yahoo.com.cn,thanks a lot!


I got a friend and he’s following design for interaction at TU Delft

I know TU Delft has a really really good level of education. The school itself is also very moderen, and there’s a lot of equipment available for the students.

Yes money is maybe higher then in Sweden. But if you are from china, i’m sure you could urn some money because of your ability of speaking chinese, in combination with some ID knowledge i would guess you could earn some decent money for sponsoring your education =)


Thanks!! Is your friend an international student? Has he graduated from DFI at TU Delft and succeed to find a design related job there? Or he is still studying for his master degree now?

So many people has read this thread, but why very few replies? Any advice would be appreciated!!
Finally I want to choose one from TU Delft in Holland and HDK in Sweden. TU Delft requires around 16000 euros tuition fees for 2 years while HDK is free tuition. But TU Delft ranks top 3 by Core77 and HDK is not on the list. Is there someone who knows more information about design master programme in HDK, Goteborg?
Which place is easier to find a design related job as an international student after graduation? Delft or Goteborg? And which school is better to improve my practical design skills by projects involved with real clients? I want your help badly!!! Thanks a lot!!