Dutch powerhouses fill magazines: my viewpoint explained

please don’t take too much offend from my post.

I Guess it is born out of some frustration, I’ll try to explain.

in the eye of the general public (at least in the Netherlands) design is all about furniture, vases, lighting, wallpaper and gift items. I think this is a very narrow view on design. I think design is about things that make your life a little easier each time you use them. They CAN be a furniture, a vase or lighting etc. But 95% of the products we use daily are mass produced and these products deserve the same kind of attention and creativity in designing them and the narrow view on design is a barrier.

I have great admiration for people that do artistic conceptual or one-off work, they are essential to inspire industrial designers. But I often get the feeling that they stop halfway, just at the point where I find that things get really interesting and challenging.

Koen van Niekerk

maybe they stop becuase they have no idea how it can be made into reality.

you’ve hit on a couple interesting points.without re-starting the love/hate of Rashid or Stark discussion, I think that the type of design your discussing has constraints that vases and wallpaper escape.
one is simply that cutting edge aesthetics has limited appeal in the mass market and the other is that the rate of change in fashion-objects will always make them more interesting to look at (especially to other designers)
You have to be content with the fact that all the great design, and I mean the really challenging work you refer to rarely get on the cover of magazines.